Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hurray for our kids!

It is time to think of something our kids did right this week! I generally think of my kids oldest to youngest so today I'm going youngest to oldest!

Youngest (RAD but recovering) - I love that he is such a reader. He is reading this summer like he just can't get enough of books. I can't even tell you how many he read this week.

Next son -(RAD) - He is supposed to use lotion for his occupational therapy. He cannot stand things touching him. She put some lotion on him in OT and he was horrified. He has actually put it on without being told a couple of times this week.

Next son - Is driving with a permit. He will be 16 at the end of next month. His driving is coming along well. He drove to a town an hour a way and back last night and did well.

Youngest daughter - Working a full time job and started a very part time job this week! She is such a hard worker and so sweet.

Oldest daughter - Called just to talk and we talked about some important things in her life. I'm glad she will share with me.

Your turn moms!!


Bren said...

My daughter was very helpful with her nephew this week and my son was very funny....lots of light hearted humor!

Family Gregg said...

youngest daughter (5) doing much better w/her time outs....diving in the pool

next daughter (10) chosing to read for fun...working on her pride issue

next daughter (12) RAD giving lots of kisses...eye contact...submitting to authority better....less lies....quicker admittals

youngest son (13) dealing better this week with his anger/hurt over sister trouble

oldest son (16) always the peacemaker and funny man who kisses me each morning...working hard @ his summer jobs

Renee said...

Youngest daughter (10) has made great strides in her attitude this week.

Middle daughter (12) has embraced her softball season and is kicking tush and taking names.

Eldest daughter (13) worked her derriere off today without complaint.