Wednesday, May 28, 2008


EMDR therapy yesterday turned to the subject of death. My son told the therapist he is mean to me. She asked why he thought he might be. "Well she will have to leave me some day." He teared up and his voice quavered. The therapist said she thinks of the flowers every one brings to a funeral. She thinks of the good things we do for those around us that are alive as bringing them flowers now. At attachment therapy the therapist had told my son to make a plan this week that shows what work he is going to do at home to show he is ready to stop therapy. I am going to print the above flowers off for him to write one of the kind deed he is planning on giving me for that day on it. It will be on the fridge so he won't "forget". We'll see if it works. I'm thinking next week will probably be our last session for some time. How do I thank people who have given me back our youngest son?


Anonymous said...

Sounds intense! At least he was able to say what his fear is. I hope the plan helps. Denise R.

Renee said...

So this was the younger ones therapy session?

You have found more ways to thank them then they are even aware of. This site is "paying it forward."