Monday, April 7, 2008

School and RAD

Not a good match as you already know if your child has RAD. If you look at the symptoms to the right think about how well most of them will work in a school setting. The only one that sometimes gets them through is the superficially charming and engaging. I have found what works best with my child's teachers is working hard at forming an alliance. If you don't is easy to become adversaries which only ends up making things more difficult for your child,you and the teacher. Keep them informed. Let them know you know what you are doing and are getting the help your child needs. My boys are in high school and middle school now. I have their teachers emails in a special group so all I do is type in the child's name to the address box and a message goes out to all their teachers. I let them know if something is up that might effect behavior that day or if they will be gone to a therapy appointment so we can get work. Here are some websites with valuable information on school:

Click on the word "School" on the left at the first two sites.

Here is Nancy Thomas' letter to teachers:

School is exhausting. It is almost over for the year. But then there is summer. Different post.


Denise said...

Once again I had some catching up to do. I hope your husband is doing better. Glad to hear that the book is helping your son. I might have to borrow that someday. Great posts. Keep 'em coming! :)

Karen Deborah said...

You are so right. Tigger was expelled from 3 PREschools before she was 4. She MOONED the teacher at 2 1/2, now where did she get that idea? She was always getting hurt, no sense of consequences, would touch anything hot, and my nerves totally on edge. I finally hooked a dog leash to the belt loops of her pants so she wouldn't get away in a crowd. And there was the Christmas she picked the glass ornaments off the tree and started chewing them up. What was that about my hair? Now you know why it's that color.
The crazy thing is that as hyper as she was when she was little she's sedentary now and too heavy, it worries me.

Brenda said...


Has she ever seen an attachment therapist? RAD changes as they become adults. You might check on adult attachment disorder under my labels. There are some websites. I know it is emotionally so hard on them to be so different. They know they are different but can't figure out what to do about it. It is hard to watch them hurting. They don't understand empathy so they don't understand we hurt for them.

Coffee Bean said...

You have so much information here on your site! I truly hope those dealing with RAD find you. I love how you are real about how hard it is but are so proactive in dealing with it.

Brenda said...


Thanks. That is so nice of you to say. I do have a statcounter so I know there are a few more people reading then there are comments. I hope it helping someone. It helps me just to put my feelings into words, so even if no one reads it at all it is of benefit to myself. Plus I have met so many nice people ; )

Renee said...

Brenda - Makes you think about pulling them out of school, huh?


Brenda said...


Not even slightly. I admire those who homeschool but have no desire to join the ranks.