Thursday, April 10, 2008

RAD and sensory issues

This is something new to our family. I am just learning. Our son has sensory issues. Our brain learns as an infant from our environment in so many ways. The way we nurture our babies, the sounds they hear, their mental stimulation all play a part in how the infant develops. Children who have been through trauma or had lack of stimulation due to neglect have "faulty wiring". There are parts of the brain that either don't work, work incorrectly or work much to hard. It is all way to complicated for me and I've tried reading several books on it. One of the ways a child with sensory issues can feel more calm is through wearing a weighted vest. The feeling of weight makes them feel more secure. Our son begins Occupational Therapy on Monday to deal with the vision and sensory issues. I will learn as I go and will be glad to share what I learn with you. I do know they affect his ability to perceive tone, inflection and meaning. Therefore much of what we say at home and in therapy is not understood correctly by him. Now we know this we will begin the OT in hopes of helping these brain connections to mature and help him learn in a new way. Challenging? You bet. We are having a rainy spring day. It is nice. Oh and my husband is not feeling great but I am seeing signs of improvement. He made a joke today!


Denise said...

Wow. Your last post sounds horrible for your husband. I'm glad he is doing better. I think we all need to hear stories like yours to restore our hope in humanity. I'll be anxious to read about the OT appointments and what you are learning. Blessings, friend.

Rachelle said...

Wow, more to think about. Will be waiting to learn more.