Friday, April 11, 2008


Our youngest child takes Concerta (a form of ritalin) for ADHD. This morning was just a horrible morning with him. He was verbally abusive, angry and just plain mean. About an hour after he left I began to wonder about medication. I keep their medication in one of those dispensers with the day of the week on it so I can make sure it is gone. He had not taken his medication today. I took it to him at school. A half hour later the school called to say it was not a good day. I asked them to wait 30 more minutes. He was a new man. Hmmmm. Maybe he has not regressed, maybe he has been trying to get by without medication. I will have to watch him from now on to make sure he puts it in his mouth and swallows it. He has been coming out and putting the container away which I have setting on the counter each morning. He could move the medication from the particular day's slot into another spot or even throw it away. I don't know why some children do this. It is fairly common. Control issues maybe. A couple of side notes: Chris is slowly improving. This is by far the sickest he has been in our 24 years of marriage. I received a call from my college today. I have my one on one interview with a professor to get into the counseling program on May 7th at 10 am. I am excited but a little nervous too!


Rachelle said...

Sure hope Chris is feeling better soon! You'll be great in your interview!!!

Renee said...

I hope Chris feels better soon - like now.

Good luck on the interview - you'll be fabulous.

As for the drug issue- I had a foster daughter that told me taking the medications meant she wasn't normal. In her mind not taking them meant she was.