Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hang On

Last night as I hugged my wild child, the youngest, good night he hung on. He was extremely....hyper, not listening and mouthy yesterday. This has been escalating. I thought it was just the med issue but I guess not. So when he said good night and didn't want to let go I knew he is almost ready to talk. He is sorting it out in his mind. I told him he'd feel better if he talked about what was bothering him. He said maybe he could write it down. I said this would be a good idea. RAD is so emotionally difficult for mom's because the children are constantly trying to distance us from them. So when they hold is special.


Karen Deborah said...

awhh Brenda. God chose you for this work and these boys. You are accomplishing a lot and do a lot, where is school for you going to fit in? you are brave!

Renee said...


Brenda said...


Thanks. School will start out just one evening a week. Not bad. I need that for myself.