Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Beautiful Baby Girl's Story

Renee asked a great question so I am adding a thought here. This story can actually be used as a script during EMDR and can be adjusted to fit into your ow child's "story". So while I am not sure about the beginning, the important thing when telling it is to make the circumstances similar to those of your child's past. Thanks Renee!

Once upon a time in a land far away there were two beautiful souls who met and fell in love. Their love was so strong that they created a new and powerful soul that came to earth as a beautiful baby girl. Unfortunately, the two soul's love for each other became hurt and did not last so they had to move a part. The lucky thing was that their love for the baby girl was still strong and this love was shared by many, many important souls in the land both near and far.
Unfortunately, the baby girl had to stay in a scary place for a time. In this place they did not know how to keep her safe even though they loved her. Her heart became broken, her cries for help would go unheard. Worse yet, sometimes she would be heard by a mean and scary soul who would get mad and hurt her and be mean to her because she did not know a better way.
Luckily. all those who loved the little girl finally heard her cries for help and took her to a safe place. Unfortunately.she could not stay there very long. Even though they loved her very much, they could not care for her the way they knew she needed to by cared for.
So then.....some very. very lucky thing happened. She was united with her new family. She had found home. The one she could stay with forever! (or as long as she needed.) She knew this was it when they promised to keep her safe and never hurt her again, or let anyone else hurt her either. It was like music to her ears. Unfortunately, it was hard to believe that this was real, after being so scared for so long!Luckily. as time went on her trust in her family began to grow. She began to believe that they meant what they said.They protected her and loved her in many ways that felt safe and then they taught her new, powerful ways to help herself. She learned to listen, to follow directions, to talk about her feelings, to say kind things to others, to care about other people's feelings and to be responsible for things she said and did. They showed her how to do this by doing it themselves. She was so happy even when she forgot things she learned and made mistakes she was still safe here! She could feel it, feel the trust of those who loved her.
The really, really cool thing was that once she felt this trust, she was able to love and forgive the ones who could not keep her safe. She would continue to love them from her new home. She also knew in her heart, that someday maybe it would be ok to see them again, but for now she is safely building her happy new life here with the ones who love her very. very much.
This ends the beginning of our story. Stay tuned, the res1of the story is being made as you read this and it promises to be very exciting and very safe...
-to be continued-


Karen Deborah said...

it is special to be chosen. God our Father has chosen us, from the very foundation of the world to give us His love and be the hope that does not dissapoint.

Brenda said...

There is so much about human adoption that reminds me of how God sees us.

Renee said...

This story confuses me. Why did baby girl have to leave loving people and go to scary places? Am I reading it wrong?