Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Attachment Therapy/EMDR

Yesterday was a perfect example of how attachment therapy and EMDR are the valuable choice for our kids with RAD. My youngest has been regressing, as you know. I took him to the attachment therapist. He talked with him about what seemed like anxiety. We decided he is very anxious because I have been spending so much time with dad and the 2 older brothers in their activities and he has not been with me as much. He has such a fear of abandonment. In traditional therapy they focus on the issue which would be the misbehavior at school. What the choices at school were and how they could be better. The reason this doesn't work with RAD is basically because they have no cause and effect thinking. It also doesn't get to the heart of the matter which is generally fear or sadness. After Attachment therapy we went to EMDR. EMDR deals with trauma from the past and makes it less disturbing. I have some information on EMDR if you click on EMDR under labels at the right. This was also very effective yesterday in helping my son realize he is safe and doesn't have to be so fearful. If he has a great week he won't go back for awhile. If he is still having trouble we will go one more time but I doubt more than that. Children can heal from RAD. Never lose hope.

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Renee said...

I always feel so emotionally fortified hearing about your youngest's success.