Monday, March 24, 2008

Neuropsych evaluation

I tried to send the post below on Saturday hoping it would arrive on Easter. I missed by a day. I am just writing a short note to say we had 7 hours of neuropsych testing done today. We drove to a town an hour away and it lasted from 9 - 4 with a half hour lunch in between. We won't know the results until April 8th. We are hoping to receive information helpful in diagnosing any possible mood disorder or prenatal damage our son has along side his RAD. For those who like technical stuff they were testing for cognitive (thinking), executive (decision making) and spatial (visual and perceptual abilities such as maps & designing) problems. The Dr. said he was cooperative and pleasant. Of course he was. She is not trying to bond with him. I am glad in this situation though, because it will be more likely to give an accurate diagnosis. The results will show us what we need to do in our approach in therapy and also with medication. Please pray for accurate information. Thanks!

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Tami Boesiger said...

I'm impressed ANYONE can withstand seven hours of testing! I pray you get a better picture of your son.