Saturday, March 15, 2008


I want to make sure I keep my blog real. I'm taking a break from going over the symptoms to say that yesterday was such a discouraging day. I felt a lot of anger toward my older son with RAD. It stemmed from a trip to the zoo on Weds. He spent the time trying to control and dominate me. Every time I tried to take a photo of anything he would start saying loudly "MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM " . When I started ignoring that instead of trying to correct it he switched to constant questions. Keep in mind this child is 15. When we got home he flew into a rage and broke some dishes. Now I have been dealing with RAD long enough to know this is because he is so uncomfortable with the feeling of closeness he felt on the trip. At the same time....9 1/2 years and he still can't stand to go to the zoo with me. He has been so very angry since. So I guess my point in all this is to be real. My point in this blog is to make sure you moms know you are not alone. There are many of us out there. I understand your discouragement. I know how hard this is. It is not like you can follow some simple steps and everything will be all right. All we can do is continue attachment therapy, keep reading, keep taking care of ourselves and have faith. I hope this encouraged and did not discourage you more.


Anonymous said...

You are always an encouragement, Brenda.
Linda N

Rachelle said...

Sooo sorry you are having a hard time. Hugs