Monday, February 18, 2008


Such confusion. Last night I dug out my boys records. It is a big fat pile of papers that is their written history. It is a big fat pile of contradictions. They probably have had their immunizations more than once. Not only do different pages present entirely different stories, but sometimes the same page will list a diagnosis and then later on the same page will say they do not have that diagnosis. I did not find any new valuable information. No wonder my kids are so confused about their past. No one kept reliable records. So how do we put together a scrap book dealing with their lives that is a positive book they will treasure? That is the challenge that lies before me. I made scrapbooks for my daughters. One is birth to eighth grade. The other is high school. Well, now, high school will be easy. It is those first few years that will be the challenge. I will work with what I have and try to make it special for them.

I am searching for websites with info on building a life book for an older adoption. Here is one I have so far.

Let me know if you know of more and I will add them.

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