Saturday, February 2, 2008

Broken Hearts Wounded Minds

I have been reading the above book written by Liz Randolph. It is actually written for professionials who work with children with RAD. What I like about this book is that in Chapter 1 she explains how trauma in early years changes the way the brain works. Many RAD books do this but I feel she explains it in a way that is easier to understand and makes more sense than any I have read thus far. There are several chapters that really are only for professionals but the chapters that apply to brain development and parenting are definitely worth reading. The challenge with many of these books is the authors terminalogy can differ depending on when the book is written and what their philosophy is (such as: pro coercian or against-which is physically holding child to produce anger). But if you can take these books and find chapters that help you better understand your child and not worry about the rest of the book they are very helpful. The book is available at

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