Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Weight Watchers and Reactive Attachment Disorder

What do they have in common? Quite a bit actually. I have learned numerous tools in Weight Watchers that have helped me with parenting my children with RAD. I assume because losing weight and parenting emotionally disturbed children are both matters of the mind. So here are the 7 tools of Weight Watchers and how I use them.

1. Reframing: Learning to picture situation in a different way.

WW: Instead of "I can't have that food." "I choose not to eat that food."

RAD: Instead of "My child is full of rage." "My child is ill."

2. Positive self talk: Instead of having allowing the negative thoughts to dominate, talk to yourself positively

WW: "You are strong enough to do this. It will be worth it"

RAD: "ditto" : )

3. Motivating strategy: Find what motivates you and use it

WW: For me, getting physically fit was a big motivation.

RAD: See my child learn to love, trust and feel safe is huge.

4. Anchoring: Find your inner strength

WW: I find spiritual strength in God, physical strength from exercise, emotional strength in friends.

RAD: "ditto"

5. Storyboarding: Walk through the steps or "story" of how this should look.

WW: Before an event create a plan. Each day have a plan of how I want my eating to be scheduled. For me it helps to plan the food for the entire day and stick with it.

RAD: Learning how I should respond and also some proactive parenting behaviors for myself in attachment therapy and in books has helped.

6. Mental Rehearsing: Practice it. Believe it.

WW: For example, if you are going to be around a food pusher, practice what you will say to them.

RAD: Practice positive responses and behaviors to his negative behavior.

7. Empowering beliefs: Believe that you can do this.

WW: Believe that weight loss will happen.

RAD: Believe your child will heal.

I hope these will help you. They are also called Winning Outcomes. Know that you will reach your goal if you follow these steps. If we don't believe, who will?


Rachelle said...

Good advice, thanks!

Tami Boesiger said...

Interesting steps, Brenda, and very practical. Thanks for sharing them.

Denise said...

I love the parallel ~ great insight into two things that can affect my life considerably. Very helpful. Thanks!