Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Epidemic

As I go from place to place during my day I am amazed at the number of children in our society who have been damaged by the adults in their world. I went and helped out at one of the schools today and was told by another adult about the grandchildren he is raising and how difficult their behaviors are. I went for a massage and was told about the nephew who is struggling with his behaviors so much in kindergarten. I saw the very young pregnant teen sitting in the chair before me. Our society is not cherishing its children. I wish we didn't need attachment therapists. I'm excited at the idea of becoming one and working with moms and kids like myself and my kids, but know also that the need only comes because of trauma. So what can we do...pray...encourage young mom's and get involved....I am hoping when I am done to find a way to be involved with young moms in education about attaching with their babies. It is difficult because we cannot change the world. And yet I am reminded of the child on the beach with all the starfish washed to shore. He stands and throws them back one by one. An adult comes up and says "There are so many what difference can that make?" The child replies "It makes a difference to that one."


Rachelle said...

Great thoughts! Thanks for the advice on the blog fonts, probably still won't be able to figure it out.

Brenda said...


If you can't figure it out ask your kids! : ) Or ask one of us. I'd be glad to explain it better.

Renee said...

"And that one, and that one..." Isn't that how the story goes as he continues to throw them back in? I love the story and the analogy.