Sunday, November 4, 2007


Here are the symptoms of Reactive Attachment Disorder:

Intense control battles, very bossy and argumentative; defiance and anger•Resists affection on parental terms•Lack of eye contact, especially with parents - will look into your eyes when lying•Manipulative - superficially charming and engaging•Indiscriminately affectionate with strangers•Poor peer relationships•Steals•Lies about the obvious•Lack of conscience - shows no remorse•Destructive to property, self and/or others•Lack of impulse control•Hypervigilant/Hyperactive•Learning lags/delays•Speech and language problems•Incessant chatter and/or questions•Inappropriately demanding and/or clingy•Food issues - hordes, gorges, refuses to eat, eats strange things, hides food•Fascinated with fire, blood, gore, weapons, evil•Very concerned about tiny hurts but brushes off big hurts•Parents appear hostile and angry•The child was neglected and/or physically abused in the first three years of life
If your child has one or two of these symptoms it doesn't mean they have RAD. A child can have attachment issues without having the full blown RAD. If you look at this list and feel uneasy because it sounds too much like your child it is probably time to have them evaluated by an Attachment Therapist. A list of Attachment therapists by state can be found at this website: Above all don't panic. The treatment for RAD is difficult but effective. It can work if you persist! We have walking living proof in our home! Yes. There are setbacks. But we are not in the same place we were at all a year ago and are still amazed every day at the changes in our child. If your child has attachment issues there are many many books on bonding. One website that has wonderful nurturing activities is
We are teaching our children to trust. At least trying too. : ) So as an example, we need to trust God to give us the wisdom, strength and resources that we need to parent our children effectively. Always have hope. When you don't have enough hope, find those around you who do and get strength and hope from them!

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Denise said...

I love the pictures you find! You are doing such a great job of getting the word out to others about this very complex illness! Way to go! Hope things are going well at your house!