Saturday, October 13, 2007


Our one son, R, has made huge progress as of late. He won the character counts award for responsiblity at school yesterday. We were so excited for him and very proud. He also gets "dollars" for good behavior at school and gets to spend them at the "store" on Fridays. Last week he bought me a Diet Mountain Dew even though I am a Diet Coke girl. He said they didn't have Diet Coke. I told him I really liked it. Yesterday when I pulled up he was standing there with a whole case of Diet Mountain Dew. He smiled and held it up as I drove up. Not his award, but my pop. I melted.


Rick said...

Congratulations to R. I'm a D.P. man.

Tami Boesiger said...

LOVE that picture, Brenda. He looks genuinely happy. I'm so happy for you that he thinks of you now. And congratulations on STUDENT of the WEEK--it's an award you share.

Renee said...

Way to go R! And you and DH deserve some accolades too.