Friday, October 12, 2007

Nancy Thomas

Nancy Thomas is a well known attachment theraputic foster mom who lives in Colorado. She has done more for the families of attachment disordered children than any other person, in my opinion. She has written several books. My 2 favorites are When Love Is Not Enough and Dandelion on My Pillow and Butcher Knife Beneath. The first is a very practical guide to parenting a child with RAD. The second is Nancy's life story. The benefit to reading it for me was seeing how she put her principals into practice in every day life. She also does Attachment Seminars for parents. Chris and I are heading to one this month and I am so excited about going, learning and experiencing her first hand. She also trains a few people to do the Attachment seminars. I am working hard, and have people working hard with me, to bring one of these mom's, Cindy Richter, to our town to do a seminar. Cindy's web site is: The more we know and understand about RAD the better we can parent our children with RAD! Nancy's website is:


Rachelle said...

Great to see you have a blog. I'm sure it will be very informative. It helps to have the support of others too. Thanks for yours!!!

Anonymous said...

Attachment therapy is no way to love a child who has already suffered more neglect and abuse than anybody should ever have to go through. Attachment therapy utilises methods of physical and psychological abuse that are deplorable, inhumane, and down right disrespectful to children. i cannot for the life of me, understand how anyone could consider Nancy Thomas's work to be anything but abuse itself. these children need to be loved and cared for, validated and nurtured. not humiliated and punished for things that they have no control over.
Attachment therapy needs to be can see in the way that she talks about these children as being 'puke''bitches' and 'whores' that she has no respect for those who need it the most....she just wants to exercise her power and control over the most vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

i do not mean to be disrespectful to you or your family. dealing with children with this disorder is a long and arduous road and any parent that takes this on is commendable. there are however, ways of doing this that are respectful and loving....that don't end up in forcing the child to wet their pants or at the very worst end up dead.