Thursday, October 25, 2007


We are now playing Mozart softly every morning and during home work time. Has Brenda developed a sense of class, good taste and general uppityness? Nahhhhh. Mozart has been found to stimulate the Neocortex in the brain. This part of the brain is called the "thinking cap". It effects reasoning, planning speech, language, sight, hearing, creativity, analyzing, time, logic, and most school work. This part of the brain is also stimulated by joy and laughter. Hmmm.We are developing our child's brain when we have fun with them. Oxygen also helps. So get them outside while it is still nice and have them run around so they breath deeply! - info from the Nancy Thomas conference!


Denise said...

Short, sweet, and to the point! Thanks for sharing some more valuable info. I know I have a cd around here somewhere with Mozart -but this was also a good reminder for me to get that trampoline out. Play time outside this afternoon will definitely be on the priority list! Hope EMDR went well today!

Renee said...

I have to get me some of that Mozart stuff. Is that in the soft rock or rap sections? ;-)

Brenda said...

LOL. No and No. I found mine at Barnes & Noble. It is called Mozart for the Brain.