Monday, May 16, 2011

RAD grad

Ours sons Fish and Teddy have graduated.  Their reactions are so different from one another. Fortunately for Teddy, Fish is very social. So their grad party was well attended by other high school kids. Makes me worry for Taz in a couple of years as he has no real friends, but there is still time for him to work that out.  I took a lot of photos at graduation and also made a video of them getting their diploma. Fish's reaction was "those are neat mom. Thanks". Teddy, my child with RAD said "The video is fuzzy." and had no reaction to the photos. Now the rooky me would have been hurt that on his big day he still rejected me. I would never be good enough. But the experienced mom said "Yup. He has to keep his distance." I'm sure he liked them. He just can't say. Our kids love us as best they can. They really do.

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Last Mom said...

Congrats to your family on the double graduation!