Friday, January 14, 2011

Adoption Support Groups

There is no adoption support group in our new town. There was none in our last town. I tried to get one going in our last town and it just never took off. I'm going to give it a try again. If you are some place that doesn't have one, please consider giving it a try. As you know, the one very important thing adoptive parents need when our children are struggling is SUPPORT. We all find it on line but sometimes it is good to see people face to face who have the same struggles.  So here are some hints for getting an adoption support group going:

Talk with your pastor and see if you can use your church. Many will give you a free room you can use monthly plus advertise for you on their website, bulletin and from the pulpit.

Advertise yourself. Make up a flyer on your computer and put them in grocery stores, Dr's offices, therapists offices. Let your Health and Human Services know you are doing it so they can tell parents. They cannot give you a list because of privacy. Let adoption agencies know. If you have an agency such as "Right Turn" give them the information. They are an agency in Nebraska that helps families find services. We also have the Nebraska and Foster Parent Association. They are good at getting the word out and even have a newsletter they put out.

Find one or two families to sit down with you and discuss topics for meetings, speakers, events you can attend, needs of the group and make a plan.

There are several websites that give information on how to start an adoption support group:

And also many that advertise adoption support groups by state that would be glad to list you!

Support is so important to getting through the tough stuff with our kids. If you cannot find it....Create it!


Kari said...

I linked to this post. Thanks for writing it today!

Nelly said...

wish there was a like button like facebook :) How has things been going since your move?? Do you Like K? I would join yor group if it was once or twice a month.

Brenda said...

Nelly~ Things are going well. I do love our town. I will be sure and let you know how things will progress. I so want to meet you.

Tracy said...

Try looking at the NACAC website as well. Very helpful people there!