Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What will you do?

What will you do this week to care for the caregiver? YOU! If you knew someone who was taking care of a cancer patient or of an ailing parent; you would say "Make sure you take care of yourself". You'd be concerned about them over doing it and cracking under the stress and strain if they had to do this over a period of years.  RAD is no different! It is a serious disorder requires years of healing. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

So...what will you do this week to care for yourself? Your body, mind and spirit need times of refreshing. If you cannot take a couple of days, take one day. If you cannot take a day, take a few hours. If you cannot do that take a few minutes. If you do not, your body, mind or spirit will demand it.  Parents of kids with RAD have been known to develop PTSD

Have a healing day for yourself. It is a necessity, not an extravagance.


Rachel said...

Thanks for that reminder... I forget about me most of the time... even tho RAD isn't as server in our house as I know it is in others... its still draining ...I try to keep my humor up ...but there are time i lose it and want to shove my head in the sand

new rad mom said...

Wow, this needs to be posted everywhere! It is so important to get a break though many of us do not.

Love reading your blog it is on my top reads, keep up the encouragement.

Didn't know how to leave a link but I would like some feedback from fellow bloggers. (started mine for therapy and it began a good outlet!)


Anonymous said...

Me? I have plans to meet with a friend for lunch. My Taz Angel is already upset that I would do that to her. I can't wait! I bet my friend has no idea how much I need her to NOT cancel today...crossed fingers!
Why are holiday weekends so much harder?
Taz Angel's Mom

peggysue said...

Great reminder! I took my middle daughter to her college orientation, just the two of us and we stayed overnight in a fabulous hotel! It was my first time away for any time longer than a grocery store run in two years and it was wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

I joined the YMCA, so I can work out while my kids have fun. It's not until you step away and take the time that you realize how desperate you were for it.