Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Blind Side

We are back from a wonderful Thanksgiving with my side of the family. The diet went down the tubes within 5 minutes of walking in the door. I did go walking a couple of times and walked when I got back home but I'd probably have to walk to California and back to walk off what I ate.
While we were at my mom's we all went and watched the movie The Blind Side . We all loved the movie about a family in MS who has an orphaned boy come live with them. He ends up becoming a part of their family. I identified with the mom very strongly even though I do not even remotely look like Sandra Bullock and have no money. In fact about 5 minutes into the movie I looked at my husband who was smiling and said "She is me." He just nodded and grinned. This is based on a true story.
I waited awhile afterwards and had some interesting talks with the boys based on the movie. "What would it have looked like if he had rejected his new mom's help?" "What if he had been to afraid to love her?" "What would your life look like now if you took on his attitude?" Good stuff Maynard.
I do need to forewarn you that there are some brief flashbacks to his childhood and the moment he was taken from his mother that might be tough if your child is dealing with those losses right now.
Two thumbs up from our house!! Actually, it would be 14 thumbs up!


Life's Mom said...

We went to the movie on Thanksgiving evening and LOVED it! I did not take Life though. I will let her see it when it comes out on video so we can pause at different parts to discuss. The flashback scenes will be hard for her as that is exactly what her PTSD looks like. Her biggest trigger is police car lights as I think she flashes back to the night she was removed from her home. It could help explain her own PTSD to her and that she is not the only person who experiences this. She often thinks that she is different than everyone else. I also hope her teachers at school see the movie so that I can better explain Life's PTSD and triggers to them. PTSD is hard to explain to someone who doesn't "get it." A picture really is worth a thousand words!

I think all of we RAD moms can relate to Mrs. Touhey. We have all fought for our kids in one way or another. It is so good to see a story like this with a happy ending.

Brenda - I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving - we did too!

Little Wonder said...

I want to go see this...but I don't want to sit in a theater by myself, lol. What age do you think the lowest apporpriate limit is? I see it's PG-13. My bio DD is 10 and mature, but sensitive, I'm hesitant to take her along...what do you think?

Brenda said...

Little Wonder~ Depends on how she is with her past. Too get a more detailed discription go to

I like that site because it is extremely detailed in the description of movies and it makes it easier to make the call.