Thursday, October 8, 2009

RAD and the Swine Flu

Taz has swine flu. The Dr did a test that showed it is the A or B strain but did not narrow it down to H1N1 or the older version. That test is $300 and does not change treatment.

Taz is healing from RAD. He is comforted by my touch. He trusts me to take good care of him and does not doubt what I do in that care. He is following directions and is very cooperative for the most part.

Bear has not caught the flu and I hope he or no one else in the family does. The last time Bear was sick it looked like this.

If I put my hand on his head "You hand is too cold."
If I tried to pull a blanket up around him he would readjust it or get a different one and say that one was too scratchy.
The food was not right. He would rather have something else.
He would doubt what I was doing and suggest that maybe I should have been doing a different medication.

While Taz has been sick he has tried to go into his room which is strictly off limits for anyone but me because this virus is so contagious. He went in there to see if Taz needed dinner. He told me after class he didn't think Taz should drink so much apple cider. He is concerned I don't know what I'm doing. Moms from his past did not know how to care for him and he is not sure, even after all this time, that I do either.

RAD really is so invasive. The fear seems to invade ever aspect of their lives. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to be feeling ill and not be comforted by care, especially from a mother. It is truly sad.


BT said...

I gave you an award. Check it out at my blog!

Reighnie said...

Crud, I gave you an award too. Probably the same one. lol

Bill and Ronni said...

I understand! When J was 11 or 12 she got the stomach flu. She was vomiting non-stop in the bathroom and locked the door! She refused help in any way and I spent the time talking to her through the door. (that was before we even knew she had RAD). It was one of my big mom-bonding moments. (being sarcastic)

Brenda said...

BT and Reighnie,

Thanks to you both. I will go check those out!

Bill and Ronnie~ That sounds AWFUL!! I had Taz go with me to pick up Bear from school, in part to see if getting up and getting out would make his temp come back up. It is iffy. 99.4. I had him get in the shower when we got home and Bear says "Why are you having him take a shower first? That is the best way to make sure we all get sick". I have been wiping down the bathroom with chlorox wipes every time Taz comes out. I have them on the counter so they can wipe down the bathroom if they feel better about it too. So much doubt about moms.

Life's Mom said...

I'm so sorry Taz is sick. I pray he gets over it soon and the rest of you do not get it. I pray that you are protected from it as you care for Taz.

I thought I had a cold, but as of tonight I think I may have the swine flu too. My main symptom is fever. It has been low grade for over 24 hours. But the good news in all of this is that "Life" wants to take care of me. Of course part of that is her rebellious nature and she knows that we need her to stay away from me so that she does not get it. But she really is concerned for me which is really quite sweet. If I do have it, I have a mild case, so no worries here (yet!) We have had several friends have confirmed cases of it in the last few days, so I know that I have been exposed. I'm not sick enough to go to the doctor, so we may never know if I have it.

I pray that all of you stay well through this "pandemic."

Brenda said...

Life's Mom~

I am so sorry you are sick. It does sound like what he has as his main symptom is also fever. And just overwhelming fatigue, I'd say. Actually you have told me several things that have sounded like attachment. I'm so glad you are seeing evidence of healing. I'll pray it continues and that your little nurse stays well.