Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hurray for our Kids

The LAST day of October. Then we fly right into the busiest time of year. With Christmas only a couple of months away and high school swim team starting at our house it gets pretty hectic. Add in grad school for me and it is a whirl wind. We still need to stop and smell the roses, take care of our healthy relationships and look for the gifts God has given us.

Eagle: Is looking for a second job to help make ends meet. She is hanging in there!

Dancer: Has been involved in several volunteer programs at her school and is looking at a great summer opportunity that would work to help others while giving her some great social services experience.

Bear: Is feeling much better. But it is H1N1 so we are being careful. He was actually a pretty nice guy while he was sick. He is feeling better today so I see the old habits creeping back but we'll work on it. It was inspiring to see the sweetness under there.

Fish: Has a swim meet today and is PUMPED! I am home with the sick child so look forward to hearing about it when they get back!

Taz: We watched The Boy in Striped Pajamas last night. I had no idea it was going to be so sad. Taz had read the book. When it got to the part with the tragic ending he got up and left before it came on. Does that sound like RAD to you? Not at all. Wonderful to see him developing a tender heart.

Have a glorious weekend. Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight!


Life's Mom said...

"Life" spent 4 days with my good friend and respite provider. She acted out HORRIBLY the first day. The school called the respite and asked her to come pick Life up. Thank heavens she instead went to the school and calmed Life down. (If she had picked her up, we would be sunk as far as school goes.) Life went on to have 4 GREAT days in a row - including the day after our return. (No punishing me for leaving her yet! whoo hoo!!) Now that's progress. Life was chosen as student of the week and got to bring home the class mascot for the weekend.

DD17 - received her SAT scores and they are VERY good - enough for major scholarship money. We have also entered the incredibly busy time where football season (she's a cheerleader) crosses over with basketball season (she made Varsity!) She is managing the stress well. She plans to study child psychology in college. :)

DS19 - He is a freshman in college and tells me his grades are all very good. We are so proud of him and can't wait til Thanksgiving to spend some extended time with him.

Me- I got to watch the sun rise over the Caribbean ocean (and scuba dive!) and had a wonderful retreat with hubby. I feel refreshed and ready to enter into the holidays with a child who is healing from RAD.

Brenda said...

Life's Mom~Your friend is so wise!! I'm glad Life did better. The Caribbean is my favorite spot in the whole world. I'm glad you got the time together with your hubby. Great news on your older kids!!