Friday, September 18, 2009

Signs of Healing

I spent the day at an Attachment Seminar. As soon as the speaker gives me permission I will share all the info with you. Hopefully on Monday. But going to a workshop like this really brings up the warm fuzzies as I think of the healing that has taken place in Taz's heart. Then I stopped by Christine's blog and read about some serious progress in her family. More warm fuzzies.

I started thinking about some of the signs we saw that change was taking place in this frightened little boy. I remember going to our Attachment therapist and our EMDR therapist and telling them both "something is happening". I was afraid to get my hopes up too much but wohooooo was it amazing.

So, here you go:

He started staring at me. Not the RAD staring down but a look that showed curiosity. That said "Who is this woman?" I could see he was really thinking about me.

He started following me. More and more. He would bump into me when walking which eventually led to him asking if he could hold my hand.

When sitting on my lap for EMDR he stroked my arm. I was stunned.

He started talking about things we had done together that were fun.

He started drawing me pictures. Love pictures.

He started crying. Real crying when hurt or sad.

He started to enjoy snuggling.

I will never forget going to therapy and telling him "We were both sitting on the couch watching TV. He was at one end. I was at the other. When I suddenly realized our legs were laying on each other and neither had noticed." It felt so normal. It felt so good to be normal.

Look for little things. They mean something. Cherish them. If you keep working and praying they will come. Have a healing weekend!


Linda said...

Amazing. Praise God he is ALWAYS at work.

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

We have those signs too. It's great. My boys actually said with words that they missed my husband and me while we were gone for the conference the last two days. :>)They seem to mean it.

Kathy said...

I'm always happy to see these children healing. We've seen some healing in KP this fall.
After a horrendous summer, he's actually functioning pretty well in his first year in middle school. I asked the school counselor for the most firm and most kind teacher he had. She is doing very well, still has his respect. I know it's a honeymoon phase, so I'm not as jealous as I used to get-that KP is more respectful of a teacher than of me.
We are seeing maturity in some ways, and I'm thankful for every baby step!

Brenda said...

I'm so glad you are seeing it too. We have moved way beyond this point in healing with Taz. This is just what it looked like in the beginning of healing.

familygregg said...

Made me smile.