Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hurray for our Kids!

A few words about mothering on this gorgeous Mother's Day weekend: Everyone deserves to be loved as they are. Everyone....especially children by their mother. Some days we are so angry with them. So days we are emotionally hurt...but we know we still love them down deep inside....Some days we might be afraid we don't love them any more. We just want them to get away....and yet if they are endangered, sick or hurt by some one we are instantly there....because we know we still do love them.... A Mother's love is different than all other loves. I'm so thankful I am a woman and get to experience this precious gift of Mother love.

This week:

Eagle: Is on her last stretch of college! She should be a graduate by 4th of July. Woot Woot. Any one need to hire someone in their business department?

Dancer: Thought she had her summer job all lined up and has hit some bumps and may not. She has a great attitude!

Fish: Sing in the spring choral concert last night with the high school concert choir. Great job!

Bear: Displayed some of his artwork in the high school art exhibit last night. Awesome!

Taz: Is continuing to raise his grades. He is down to ONE D+. He has a week and a half to get it to a C- and I think he is going to make it!

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Anonymous said...

Good job to all your kids! You're always so optomistic Brenda! I wanna be like you when I grow up!