Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hurray for our kids

One month of school left!!! We are excited around here because this is our last year of middle school. I found that the 12-14 age have been so difficult for me to deal with and am thrilled to be moving on. All 3 of our boys will be in high school next year. Dancer will be a jr in college. Eagle will be working and living on her own. Here is how our week went.

Eagle: Had a difficult job/interview situation and handled it like a pro.

Dancer: Has found a summer job!

Fish: Has picked out colleges to visit next year and is very excited about them.

Bear: Has a couple of job applications filled out that we will deliver this afternoon.

Taz: Has been getting his work done at school so hasn't had so much homework.

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Rose Adoption Journey said...

We are just beginning Jr High,....we are going to 8th grade hopefully next year and the guys are so far making decent grades.

Glad things are going well.