Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way!

For those of us of the Christian faith Easter is a very special time. The resurrection of our Savior. The beginning of new life. There are many special things to do with RADlings on Easter. Of course, you can find tons of ideas on all the parenting sites but RADlings need things done with a little flare.

We still do Easter baskets even though my kids are big. Even my husband and I get one. We do very little candy because of what it does to our kids behavior. Little trinkets, card games, nail polish for the girls, jewelry, etc are in ours instead. We usually have a christian CD instead of a stuffed animal.

We still color eggs most years. It is a chance to do something as a family as well as a chance to sneak some protein into the diet. People with mood disturbances do well to have more protein in their diets and less of the refined carbs. Read Potatoes Not Prozac for more info. Not saying I'm against prozac. Some of my kids are on meds and it is because they medically need them. Taking turns hiding plastic eggs around the house is always fun. Playing "You're getting hotter or colder" seems to be never ending fun.

There are many videos out there about Easter and they are for about every age group from Veggie Tales up to the Passion. Our boys are watching The Passion with youth group for the first time. I'm a little anxious as to how it will affect Bear. I'm thinking somehow it will become all about him but we will see.

We generally take a lot of photos on Easter. We usually get something new to wear. Money is tight this year so we just got one new thing to go with something we already have.

We will probably roast hot dogs and make s'mores on the fire pit on Saturday and have a big dinner on Sunday.

Fill your long weekend with family times. Don't let the child with RAD run the show. If he or she tries have them do a quiet "time in" and sit next to you for awhile. Or have them run some races, jump on the mini tramp, do some jumping jacks. If it is nice go for a long walk as a family. Keep them moving! And have a blessed Easter as we remember the season of New Life.

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