Thursday, January 22, 2009

Morning mad

Mornings are especially rough at our house. I have come up with a variety of ways to keep it calm. Sometimes they are successful, sometimes not. When we were deep in attachment therapy we did strong sitting for 5 minutes each morning. Check the labels to the right bottom of my blog if you would like to read about strong sitting. It is not a punishment but a way of self regulating. My children who have RAD eat breakfast in their rooms. I suppose the isolation is not a good thing but they seem to do well with starting out having a little time alone. I work hard to keep them separated in the mornings. I still sometimes play Mozart which calms me if nothing else.

Bear is very angry this morning and has thoroughly chewed me out several times for making him take his allergy medicine right away. ???????????? I finally said "You seem to have woke up very angry this morning." His response "Why wouldn't I?" How awful it must be too have RAD. My response "Why would you?" He said because he was tired. I did not even bring up that I had class last night and got to bed very late and then was up early with them. That would have turned it into a game of one upmenship in his mind. I just said "Being tired is not reason to yell at your family. The people who love you." He silently turned around and walked out. So sad. So scared.

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