Saturday, December 6, 2008

RAD thinking

I have the stomach flu. I am in my recliner with my laptop in between naps. Taz is laying on the floor in front of me workng on a report for school. If he put half the effort into doing it that he is putting into not doing it he would have finished it long ago. He is kind and considerate of my not feeling well. The 8th graders made a cookbook for school and he used his own money to buy a copy for me. He is growing in his attachment and even though he has very rough days I am very happy that he continues to progress. I do feel loved and I am most happy because I know that means he feels loved.

Then we turn to my RADilcious child. He has had a cold for some time. He is just sure it is bronchitis. I have assured him that after a weekend of rest if he is not better by Monday I will take him to the doctor. He has made sure I know that people can die from bronchitis. I, of course, have no idea how sick he is. I let him sleep in this morning. He got up at 11. He came out to eat breakfast while I was fixing lunch. I assured him he would have lunch in just a minute. I was making pizza. He was horrified at the thought of "missing" breakfast and couldn't believe I didn't wake him up for breakfast. This is the same child who every Saturday yells at me for getting him up at 9 because he needs to sleep. Well isn't that just RADtastic? He has such fears of getting enough food. He is so concerned that I must not know how to take care of him. The neediness is great. I fixed him a huge lunch and plopped back into my recliner. My husband has gone to a swim meet with Fish. I missed his first one because I had class and this one because of the flu. Fortunately he is a very gracious child and will be nice about it. Have a great weekend. When your kids are being needy and fearful remember it's source. Neglect. What an ugly word. And treat them as though they have the flu. - with tenderness and care.


Melissa said...

You're a good lady - very, very good! I'm learning to absolutely pour out myself for my RADish. There is no doubt in my mind that this is what I'm called to do right now. Yes, I will take care of myself - but, I will self-sacrifice too. He needs me to not give up. Thank you for teaching me!

Brenda said...

((((((((((Melissa))))))) You made my day!