Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Living On Purpose in the New Year

I love the phrase "living on purpose". To me it means not just letting life happen or just drifting through a day. It making things happen. Living on purpose. Awesome.

I have been a member of Weight Watchers for years. Great group of supportive people and the plan works for me. Every January the meetings are PACKED and then by March many have quit. Some keep on keeping on. I have gone to the local YMCA to work out for years. Every January the work out room is packed....for about 3 months and then many disappear. But some keep on keeping on.

So what is the difference between setting goals and giving up after a short while and those who stick it out no matter what? I'm NOT talking about RAD here. There are times when it IS time for a child to go to residential or to a different home. I'm talking about goal setting in general.

Have you made your New Year's Resolution yet? I've heard that several times. If I make a New Years Resolution it is usually half hearted and because I feel like I should. I never stick with those.

But how about a real heart look at my life and looking at what I would really like to accomplish by the end of 2009?

Personally - Finish my classes in Grad School at the end of 2009 and prepare for internship
Work out at least 4 times a week when school starts back up. I was only making it about 3 during the school year so trying to go back to 6 probably isn't realistic. I can do that during vacations. Have better quality personal devotions. Take fun time alone each week.

Marriage - continue to eat out with husband once a week. Make sure I talk about thing other than the children when we are together.
Check Spelling
Children - spend quality time alone with each and focus on the emotionally healthy ones as well as the ones who struggle.

RAD- continue to educate myself, forgive myself, keep trying new things.

When I look at these goals I realize how much I love about my life. Sure there are hard times. Bear had a major blow out this morning of unprecedented anger. He is not the only thing in my life.

2009 - could be interesting! ; ) Live it on purpose.


Story of our Life said...

Very well put! I stopped making goals a few year ago in the new year. Instead doing it during the entire year.

Living on Purpose is a great lil motto. I love that.


Nelly said...

Wow I love that!!! I don't really make goals because I never stay with them. But "Living on purpose" Inspires me to. Thank you!

Lisa said...

Great motto!

familygregg said...

You got it.