Monday, December 8, 2008

Can we have fun at Christmas? YES! We can!

For the last 3 years my sister in law, the pretty blond above, has given all the grandkids in the family a maze. You can slip dollar bills into the back of these mazes and then the kids have to roll the ball through the maze in order to open it and get the dollar out.

Here is the really fun part. They all have to do it at the same time and see who can get theirs out first. Whoever does gets it done first gets the extra money she lays on the coffee table. The amount is up to you. The kids all love this and guess who wins every year??? One of my RADtastic kids!! That's right. What an ego boost. This year it was Taz, youngest of all the grand kids.
You know he had to feel pretty smart at that point to beat 2 college aged sisters and 2 college aged cousins! The mazes are made by Bilz Mini. Oh and my kids love to regift this to their friends and stick a dollar in. FUN!

Enjoy! Another fun idea is ElfYourself. See ours a couple of posts down. You can put pictures of your kids in there and they can do a variety of dances. My kids think it is hilarious. In the video they are all dancing together and smiling so it is fun to see some cooperation even if it is pretend. If you have a child who would be angered by this put a photo of you and your hubby or grandparents in there. They are sure to laugh at that! Try to find some fun in Christmas. Heaven knows there is plenty of unfun with RAD!
PS. The Elf Yourself activity is free!


Anonymous said...

My husband and I did this with our RADish and she was rolling on the floor because she was laughing so hard! It was a much needed laugh for our family!

Cindy said...

I love your blog and your encouraging attitude. Hope you find lots more joy in this Christmas season!

farm lady said...

Thanks for posting this. I am always looking for something for the nieces and nephews!