Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hurray for our kids!

Well another tough week. I need to look for the good though. How about you? Can you think of at least small positive about your child? It is terrible to sometimes say "no". But that is what RAD does to a child.

Eagle: Is going to job interviews last week and this week. She is having to work hard with the economy the way it is and she is going to do it!

Dancer: Is already home for Thanksgiving! Hurray! She has some neat Christmas ideas I will share another time.

Bear: Has been willing to read his social story we wrote about saying goodbye to birth mom almost every day. I appreciate his willingness.

Fish: Has officially started high school swim season. Life is about to be very busy for him.

Taz: Actually had a pretty tough week now that I stop and reflect. He did do the dishes one day when it was not his turn.

Have a great weekend! Have a healing day!

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