Wednesday, November 5, 2008

From my heart

I look at you
and see who you could be.
You are so scared
You are are afraid of me.

I look at you and
see the sweetness inside.
You show me anger
Your emotions try to hide.

I look at you and
tears come to my eye.
My love is so deep
You don't even have to try.

I look at you
I know
I'll always stand by you
wherever you go.

We look for answers
I will never give up.
I pray some day you'll love
I will never never give up.


Lisa said...

This is so beautiful Brenda. It is so true. Another for the fridge. Thank you!

Rachelle said...

Very telling.

ali said...

what a fantastic picture!!!!! so cool to match "names" with faces. what handsome boys and gorgeous girls. love the post too.

Emiley said...

Hey - I haven't written since you posted your family picture. I just LOVE it!!

farm lady said...

Very nice. Thanks for giving me the link to the blog about disruption!