Monday, September 29, 2008


This morning Bear was laying in his walk in closet instead of getting dressed. "Get up and get dressed." His reply "My medicine this morning tasted like hands". Meaning I had probably touched it with my disgusting hands and he didn't appreciate it. "Yes Bear I get up at 4 am and touch everyones medication." I turned and walked out and thought "Here we go." Sometimes I get so focused on myself. I focus on the problems.

A lady quite a bit younger than myself is having surgery for breast cancer today at 2:30.

A man in church sang a solo about how God is good even during bad times. His voice choked in the place where he said he wouldn't change a thing.

The cashier at WalMart looked so down. I asked her if she was ok. Her granddaughter had been injured by a horse and her other grandson was going to Iraq. She was feeling very sad.

Sometimes we need to quit giving ourselves a pity party and look outward. There are other people suffering and in need of encouragement. Yes. Our lives can be very hard. It is heartwrenching to see a child so disconnected from the world and lashing out in anger day after day. But for today I will turn outward and look for those to which I can extend a kind word, an encouragement and a prayer. There are many needs besides my own little world.


Dinah said...

I haven't posted a comment to you before, but I just wanted to add that I often find myself feeling sorry for me because my life isn't "normal" anymore. But it doesn't take me too long to look around me and see that no one really has a "normal" life. We all have our trials and hardships. It's what we do with those tribulations that makes us who we are.

Renee said...

Brenda - Thanks. We all do need this reminder.

Tami Boesiger said...


familygregg said...

And when I realize truths such as this one...I always tell my girlie exactly what the Lord has shown me. I try to do it in love....that's the hard part.