Monday, September 8, 2008


We all need to find ways to reenergize ourselves. Awhile back hubby and I met a couple we used to live near in a town half way between for dinner. We had the best time and sat the at Gristani's for 2 hours catching up on old times. He is a visitation Pastor in a church. He said that people are introverts or extroverts. I'm thinking "well yes. I am an extrovert." Not so easy. He said the way we renergize ourselves can be completely different than our social personality.

So I stopped to think about what things I do to relax and pull myself back together. They are ALL solitary activities. In that sense I am an introvert. It is good to know because now when I feel overwhelmed and try to regain some sanity I know solitary activites work so much better for me.

If I say "What activities really calm you?" Stop and think....Is it personal/spiritual reflection, going for a walk, reading a book and dong some type of a craft like drawing, crochet, etc.? Or is is getting together with friends to talk and/or pray, going for lunch with someone else, and being around a lot of people? We are all different. Figuring out what makes us tick makes us emotionally mature and better able to face the tough stuff. So which are you?

I am a social extrovert, but to reenergize and need to be alone.


Denise said...

Very interesting, Brenda. Hmmm...I'll have to ponder that one a while.

Torina said...

I just found your blog the other day so thought I would chime in :) I like cross-stitching and scrapbooking. I also like gardening and walking outside. All. Alone. But usually the kids are around.:)

Unspeakable Joy said...

like lots of physical activities, but sky diving actually calms me! what does that say about my brain?!!!

Brenda said...

unspeakable joy

You are very brave!

Coffee Bean said...

That's interesting...

I know people tend to see me as a social extrovert but I kind of wonder about that. Yes, I can be but inside I've never really been comfortable with it. I had to learn those skills due to being an army brat. I guess if I were a true introvert though, I wouldn't bother learning how to stick myself out there.

I definitely have to have alone time to reenergize.