Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some Days

I sat down as soon as the boy's left to do my Research homework. I have about 3 hours of homework a day. I read it. Read it again. Wasn't getting it. It is not the harder of my 4 research books I just wasn't with it. I decided to go swim laps. I put on my suit and got to the locker room. No towel. No underclothes. The cell phone rang and a friend wanted to go for coffee. Might as well. Why are some days just like that? I think God must be saying "CALM DOWN. SLOW DOWN.' So I did. I came home and wrote a chapter in my journal for Multicultural counseling. Good. I will eat lunch. Do a little research homework and then go run my errands. Tonight I am taking Fish to see Third Day at the state fair. I try to take a different child each year to a concert and it is his turn. The day will be fine. Just off to a weird start. SLOW DOWN and DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. Some days are like that.

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Emiley said...

We're going to the concert, too - we'll look for you there!!