Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hurray for our Kids!

I know some weeks we almost feel like we have to make something up for some of our kids. That is ok. We still need to have good thoughts about our children. They are difficult. They fight us. It is still our job to love them and be there for them. So here I go. Feel free to play if you'd like.

Eagle: called just to say hi yesterday!
Dancer: Is on vacation with her boyfriend's family in the Ozarks
Bear: Opened up this week and talked about some feelings honestly for the first time since stopping therapy.
Fish: Has competed very well in a swim meet this weekend.
Taz: After a blow up reigned himself in and tried on his own to make amends with me. Very sweet.


Simply Moms said...

oldest son: enrolled in film school

youngest son: helped a friend's famiy move all day Sat.

oldest daughter: went to a party w/many people and
did super well. not one incident.

middle daughter: sewing, sewing, sewing up a storm

youngest daughter: learning to tie shoelaces :)

Renee said...

J - played a good solid game of softball today with no errors.

S - Put down her copy of Breaking Dawn to cheer her younger sister.

A - came and checked on me when I got sick this evening. Did some things for me without being asked.

All 3 read today without being told to.

The Broken man said...

Sounds like a good week all round!

The Broken Man