Friday, July 18, 2008

End of Summer Slumps

It sounds like you all are telling me you are feeling it too. We have a month of summer vacation left. The kids are pushing their boundaries. They are bored. They are acting out. I have to ask myself why this is happening to us and I think there are some basic reasons.

1. Constant change in schedule. We have gone out of town the last 2 weekends in a row. Their sleep schedule is changing often. Their eating schedule and foods are not the same. There are many other people around when we are out of town. When we are in town I am not following our schedule and they have too much down time. I think they are also having too much time away from me at the pool.

2. Inconsistency on my part. I think having a daily schedule that is different has led me to being more inconsistent in what I do.

3. Straying from the basics. I need to get back to the basic theraputic parenting techniques for awhile to help them get back on track. These are covered so well in When Love Is Not Enough. Click on the link to the right to order.

4. Not taking care of myself. It is hard to take time for myself daily when all the kids are home. Other people can leave 13 and 16 yo kids at home and go for alone time. We cannot.

I need to remedy this. I started out with a great summer schedule but wandered away from it. Back to the schedule. We won't be out of town much the next month so that part is easy. I need to be consistent day in day out. I need to start implementing consistently the principles of eye contact, gentle touch, attunement. I need to go back to their fear and gently talk about it. I haven't been working out. Today I start back. If you have other thoughts as to what is going on with our kids please leave a comment. I know I am sure open to suggestions.

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