Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Power of Snuggling

I have to confess. I have let up on our Snuggle Time. I do believe it is a powerful tool in our "mom tool box". I've seen my kids faces. With one it is lasting with the other short term but it is important. For those who are not familiar Snuggle Time is when you set aside time each day to snuggle with your child. If you can you hold them similar to a baby. Since mine are now so big (13 & 15 yo boys) I sit on the couch and have them lay across me on the couch with their head on the cushion and my arm under their necks. We talk about anything that is not stressful. I rub their hands, their heads, or arms, even their feet. The heads and feet are supposed to be very effective for a reason that escapes me so if one of you knows please feel free to share. Gently loving eye contact is good if they can maintain but this is not a time to work. The talk should eventually turn to love. Tell them you love them, will never leave. They are safe. Feed them a caramel, ice cream or anything with that creamy sweet taste. You put the food in their mouths, not them. I must determine to go back to doing this each day. I hope you do too.
P.S. I wanted to add: I know it is very difficult to snuggle angry children. They may not want too. You probably won't want too. We have too. Fake it til you make it. If they won't sit down and snuggle stand close with your hand on their shoulder. Do what you can and work toward getting to a snuggle time. Your gentle eyes and smile may help soften them some. Put on some happy music. Mine love oldies. Tell some jokes to lighten the mood. Do what you can and be glad for that accomplishment.

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Emiley said...

We still love snuggle time at our house, but I sure appreciate this reminder! And, actually, now that I really think about it, I'm only really doing it with my boys because they initiate it. I forget that Amanda who seems "too big" for it, still needs it just as much! I'll bet my hubby could use some snuggle time today, too!!