Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hurray for our Kids!

It is Saturday and time for all good things. Am enjoying a cup of coffee and talking to you.
Here are some great things that happened at our house this week. This time I will go youngest to oldest. I am going to start using nicknames for my kids as some of you have as it is easier than describing them each time. I'll post who they are at the side.

Taz: Usually has a very hard time with siblings birthdays. Did pretty well yesterday for the first time.

Bear: We are working on three things. Doing things for other people, getting outside each day and getting exercise. He seems willing to give this a try.

Fish: Got his driver's license!

Dancer: We got to spend a whole afternoon together and had a fantastic time.

Eagle: Came home last night for a week!

Hubby: Called and asked me to lunch on Thursday!

Have a great healing weekend!


Denise said...

Sounds like a good week! Love the nicknames!

Brenda said...


You need to play. Tell something positive your kids did this week.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't post on Saturday because hubby and I went away for the weekend -- JUST THE TWO OF US!

I'm going to collectively praise our kids: all 8 of them (including dd with RAD) helped me to surprise my husband with a weekend away at a local campground! I gave them a list of what to pack, and they went to town packing the van with all the things we would need for the weekend. Then, we went over to the campground, and they all helped set up the tent, blew up the air mattress and laid out our sleeping bags! They did a great job in keeping this a secret -- my husband was VERY surprised!!! I was impressed with our children's ability to work together as a team! They were AMAZING! They all went to their friends' houses and had a great weekend! DD with RAD had a very good weekend with the respite family, and we are seeing huge progress in her journey toward healing!!

Praising the Lord for my amazing family,


Brenda said...


You are doing some amazing work with your daughter. Keep it up!