Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hurray for our kids!

My support group has started having days where we list good things that have happened with our children. I think this is an awesome idea. So I think Saturday will be Hurray for our Kids day. Let's list something great our kids did this last week. Our oldest is working full time and supporting herself for the summer. She is doing very well. Our second is home for the summer and just started working full time. I appreciate their hard work. Our son received all A's on his grade card. Our other son who has RAD has had a hard time adjusting to school being out, but he is doing a great job of keeping his room clean, neat and organized. Our youngest had a melt down yesterday but did a great job of pulling himself out of it and had a great rest of the day. What great things have your kids done this last week?


Bren said...

That is awesome. I stopped my online RAD support group because it was all negative. Mom's even saying things like "I have decided to be a caregiver and not a mom to this kid." A day of positive is GREAT!!!
Let's see....
My oldest is grown, married, and raising a family so that in it's self is an accomplishment!
Kyle, my MH son had a great week at work and handled a tough situation like a champ!
Charlotte, my child with RAD, chose a adult level non fiction christian book off the book shelf. This is huge for her as she always wants to pick easy books.
Zach, my little guy with sensory issues, has kept his room clean all week. He even brought his laundry down without being asked.

Again...GREAT idea Brenda!!

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

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