Monday, March 17, 2008

Parenting RAD

I'm taking another detour today. After our fiasco on Weds I started looking at myself. Why is it that I go through periods of handling RAD so well and periods of: self doubt, fear, and being overwhelmed? I have made a list of the traps I allow myself to fall into. Maybe you will recognize some of them. I hope that recognizing the traps will help me to stay out of them!

1. Think logically (I tend to be an emotional thinker)

2. Remember to think of him as a scared little boy in a monster suit (don't allow myself to believe he is as he appears)

3. What is the fear motivating his behavior? (It helps to remember he is reacting from fear and needs comforting)

4. Take care of myself and healthy relationships (in other words, focus on someone else)

5. Refuse to take it personally (remember this is about birth mom and his past)

6. Give yourself some slack. This is hard work (this was given by a dear friend. Thanks.)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Brenda. I'll try to remember some of those traps and try to avoid them. I think I have fallen into many of them, some over and over.
Linda N