Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Adult Attachment Disorder

If a child with RAD does not receive treatment or does receive treatment but does not heal they will have adult attachment disorder.

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All of us have some attachment issues related to either the parenting we received, illness as a child, poor daycare as a child, breakups as a young adult, divorce or death of loved ones. Our experiences from our past give us varying abilities love, trust and feel safe with other people.


Anonymous said...

Hi, as a person with RAD I want to thank you for posting this blog. I also want to thank you because this is something I've wondered about. It's not black and white is it? Everyone has a little emotional trauma here or there, or difficulty connecting with others at some stage in their life maybe. Psychiatry, in my opinion, ( as a 'diagnosed RAD person' ) could be doing more damage by labeling someone RAD. It could also do a lot of good in asessing their problems and getting the proper treatment methods to the individual, but at least for me, after I heard the diagnoses, I felt 'marked'. And when I had to go to the office to take my meds and other kids found out about it, I felt even more distanced because I would believe other kids knew something about me that I didn't when they were spouting off at the mouth (you know how insecure kids jest at anything different from them). Anyway, my adoptive parents were so caught up in this RAD thing and talking about it all the time that I felt I was more 'RAD or ADHD' than my name. Of course, it couldn't be helped on there part because that's what my behavior essential was. But I wonder if psychiatry, at least in my case, fanned the flames so to speak, because sometimes I would think about this great big conspiracy world regarding psychiatry and me. Obviously today I know it's meant to help an provide answers to human behavior. Maybe I just felt insecure about the way psychiatry regarded me and developed a dislike for it ala Tom Cruise. Anyway, sorry to write so much, I'm just trying to give a perspective of a RAD mentality.

familygregg said...


Much wisdom.