Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Hmmmmmmmmmm. Our attachment therapist would like for A to start going to both attachment therapy and EMDR therapy twice a week.....Big contemplation with the amount of driving and the amount of school missed. He certainly is stuck where he is. He did the behavior escalation part of therapy well....and then stayed escalated. Just this morning when I discussed it with him he said he felt he was doing better. He doesn't get mad when I hug him....? Such a different way of looking at life. Driving twice a week would put a lot of miles on ol' Jim Bob. All prayers welcomed as we make this decision.


Rachelle said...

Tough decision. I'll pray.

Renee said...

Good Luck!

Rick said...

Brenda - thanks for posting a birthday greeting for my sister. She tolerates my antics.

You asked about putting something on your blog about mine - feel free to post away. Choose any illustration you like and go for it - my tender ego needs the attention.

Thanks again.

Suzie said...

What is this "behaviour escalating" part of the therapy about?