Friday, November 16, 2007

We're droppin like flies

The flu is still here!!!!!!!!!! A had it yesterday. Now An came down with it tonight! Chris and I are the last 2 remaining. I feel like I am waiting for a death sentence or something. At least it is a short one. Poor H gets home tomorrow. I hope she doesn't catch it. Fortunately S is meeting us at grandma's as she has a much shorter break. We are running out of days until Thanksgiving. This turkey needs to move on!!! Oh. And if you are wondering how A responded to the flu - my hands were too cold when I felt his forehead. When I pulled the blankets under his chin he readjusted everything. He didn't want food if I offered but waited and got up to get it himself most of the time. RAD. Buh Humbug


Renee said...

GET WELL!!! ALL of you!

Rachelle said...

Get well soon!

Tami Boesiger said...

Aw!!! Let's pray you and Chris NEVER get it. YUCK! Hang in there.